Agile Coaching servants is a trademark of ACS – Agile Consulting Services (09836426), company committed to Coach, Train and transform any company to Agile. Our consultants and trainers have been selected to bring the best value to our costumers while promoting great environments.

Our courses are trained by official SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) consultants and provide the best value confident that you will pass the course. We are soo confident that if our students don’t pass their exam we will pay their exams fees so that hey can take the exam for second time for free.

Each training is meticulously prepared in advance and events need to be booked. If a student need to cancel or reschedule the session it may incur in a cost as follow:

  • Cancelation 1 month before the event is free of cost.
  • Reschedule with two-four weeks in advance = 20% of the total cost.
  • Reschedule less than two weeks before the even= 40% of the total cost.
  • Reschedule the course 3 days before the course = 60% of the total cost.

Please be aware that to be able to take the exams our students need to have attended the course in person. We will try to accommodate and help our students in case they have an eventuality but we cant waranty it.

Data Policy:

We are very careful with all the information of our costumers and we follow the Data protection Act 2018 rigorously. We will store the information securely for the minimun amount of time possible.

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